Leadership Coaching Package.

As distinct from my Executive Coaching package, which is geared towards senior role holders and business owners or when more complex organisational goals are being worked on, the leadership and team coaching programmes I offer are not dependent on your title or seniority.

This is for you if:
  • You are leading in a time of change
  • You are transitioning into a leadership role
  • You are finding it hard to gain or demonstrate leadership skills
  • You are new in role, or have been given new expectations on what it means to lead
  • You are struggling to overcome the feeling you are not enough
  • You care about your team though you worry it is dysfunctional or at risk of not serving its true purpose
  • You need support handling conflict such as working with challenging stakeholders, peers or team members

How it will work:

Here we will work on excelling at leading others. This might be a mix of discovering or learning your particular leadership skills and where the gaps might be. Our work might be a view to gaining that first leadership role or when you’ve made that transition into managing people and are perhaps feeling the pressure to do it brilliantly straight away. The good news is leadership is a learned ability.

We start by talking about what your challenges are and what you want to achieve from the coaching. Even if you are feeling it’s a huge issue or there is more than one issue, we can break it down into manageable pieces. While I won’t provide advice or mentoring I might suggest useful tips or sources that will support our work between the sessions. We will work to set you up for success beyond our coaching. A key requirement is that you are ready to put some work in: that you are genuinely open to change. I will respectfully challenge and stretch you.

We will work towards your individual outcome. While it depends on what outcome you are working towards, a typical structure would be up to 12 sessions over 6 months is normally needed to allow you time to try out some new ideas in between sessions and give you time to reflect on your progress. You will have access with me over emails in between sessions. This work can be extended with mutual agreement, and I offer a review point at the 5x session.

Benefits / outcomes you can expect:

You will find your own authentic leadership, management and communication style.

I can work with you to achieve heightened self-awareness without judgement, change behaviours that are holding you back, improve your resilience and self regulation and accelerate your ability to identify and take advantage of opportunities.

By working with me, you will have the insight and energy to inspire as a leader.

Next steps:

  • Get in touch to arrange a time for us to speak
  • We will have a call or meeting
  • You decide if its the right option for you
  • We book the dates you’d like to work to.

Let’s get started…

Frequently asked questions

Yes, absolutely. I offer a free initial 45 minute phone call, Zoom call or in person meeting to explore what you need and if I am the right coach for you. Get in touch by sending me an email or using the details on the Contact Me page.

After our first call you can choose to have your coaching sessions remotely via Zoom or Skype; or at my offices in the City, central London; or at your offices. I travel across Greater London.

This depends on your needs. As a guide, Executive and Leadership coaching sessions are typically 1-1.5 hours long once a month over a 6 month time frame.
Career coaching on the other hand can be approached tactically with a focused goal, such as interview prep, or more strategically, such as when considering changing career or following redundancy. Here you can choose to have your sessions weekly, every two weeks, every three weeks or once a month.

I treat everyone as an individual with your coaching sessions tailored to your needs, and my prices reflect that. Send me a message and I will be in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

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